Frequently Asked Questions


I've never danced before. Can I still join?

  • Of course! No experience necessary. Many of our dancers joined without any dance experience, so you're not alone! You can start in our beginners lessons. 


Who teaches the lessons?


What should I wear?

  • Dress comfortably! Wear clothes that you can work out in. Some prefer looser fitting tops and leggings, while others opt for skirts or work out shorts to show leg and body movement.

  • Jeans and baggy sweatpants that hide leg movement would not be appropriate for a fast-paced dance class.


Do I need dancing shoes?

  • Beginners are more than welcome to dance in whatever they feel comfortable in, such as socks, sneakers, or flats. If you desire to compete, it is recommended that you invest in ballroom or Latin shoes. Please see the competition section below for more information.


Are graduate students allowed to join?

  • Yes! Any BU student, graduate or undergraduate, may join. However, dues are different for graduate students.



How much are dues?

  • Please refer to our team page for more information about dues, and how to pay them. Any further questions can be directed to our Treasurer, Brian Guallpa, at


Does it cost money to compete?

  • Registration fees typically range from $30-45 per competition for syllabus level dancers (newcomer-gold). For those that are open level, fees may be waived/are usually less expensive than syllabus fees. Competition fees must be paid to our Treasurer, Brian Guallpa, before registering for a competition.

  • Non-BU undergraduates may need to register and pay for registration fees separately. Please contact out Team Captain Ose Agboneni at for more information.

Is it okay if I don't want to compete?

  • Absolutely! We have many members who only attend lessons and/or open practices, or enjoy the social dancing scene that Boston offers! 


What are competitions like?

  • Many BUDC members feel that the competition aspect of ballroom dance is a great way to take their passion to the next level!

  • Competitions provide members with a way to bond with their teammates outside of practice and lessons! Competitors dance against teams from Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Tufts, NYU, Columbia, UConn, and more! 

  • Any questions regarding competitions can be directed to our Team Captain, Ose Agboneni, at ​Oda459​

How do I find a partner to dance with?

  • Come to lessons and introduce yourself!

  • You never know who you may end up with. If you're from another team in the area or need additional help finding a partner, feel free to contact Ose Agboneni at ​Oda459​ or any other E-board members!

  • At the beginning of the fall semester, we often run "partner matches" to assist our newer members with finding a potential partner that fits his or her needs, whether it be for socials, competitions, or performances.

What do I wear at competitions?

  • Generally, costumes are suited for levels bronze and higher, depending on the competition. For newcomers/beginners, we suggest wearing a shorter dress (generally above the knees) for Latin/Rhythm, and a longer dress for Smooth/Standard. A skirt and cami/simple top works great for Latin/Rhythm as well. Our team has a small communal wardrobe with dresses that can be rented for competitive and performance purposes. These rentals generally cost $10-$15 per dress.

  • At the beginning of each semester, we travel in groups to Patterson's Back Bay Dancewear in Burlington, MA to buy shoes! We recommend purchasing a shoe brush as well as suede heel caps if you plan to compete. Suede heel caps are required at most competitions so we do not ruin the floors. Senior and executive board members will attend these trips and can offer valuable advice to help you find your perfect pair of shoes! 



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